DVD Release DateJavier Bardem may join MCU as Gallactus in Fantastic Four

Javier Bardem may join MCU as Gallactus in Fantastic Four

  • Pedro Pascal has reportedly been cast as Reed Richards, while Javier Bardem is rumored to play Galactus in Marvel’s new Fantastic Four movie.
  • The film may be set in an adjacent universe to the MCU’s Earth-616, potentially involving the TVA.
  • The MCU has faced disappointment and criticism in 2023, but hopes for a rebound with the release of Fantastic Four in 2025.

Recent news suggests that Pedro Pascal of The Mandalorian has been cast as Reed Richards in Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four film. In addition, a rumor has surfaced that Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem is being considered for the role of the powerful cosmic villain, Galactus.

With the actors’ strike now over, Marvel Studios is moving forward with casting the main roles in the highly anticipated film. The rumor mill is in full swing, as social media scoopers share their insider information on potential cast members. While no official confirmation has been made, many believe that The Little Mermaid’s Bardem may indeed portray Galactus, and that Antonio Banderas is also in the running to join the MCU’s list of antagonists.

As a pivotal character in the Marvel Universe, Galactus has the potential for future appearances beyond the Fantastic Four film. His immense power and status as a world-destroying cosmic entity are significant factors in Marvel lore. One unsubstantiated rumor suggests that the film will be set in an adjacent universe to the MCU’s Earth-616, and that the Fantastic Four may be saved from destruction by the TVA and brought into the MCU’s timeline.

However, the real question at hand is whether the Fantastic Four can help revitalize the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has experienced disappointments and criticism in 2023. Low box office numbers and negative reception for some Disney+ shows have raised concerns about the future of the franchise. As 2024 only has Deadpool 3 set for release, it is hoped that the breather will renew audience enthusiasm for the MCU. By the time Fantastic Four arrives in May 2025, Kevin Feige and his team are aiming for a resurgence in the franchise’s popularity and success.