DVD Release DateJodie Foster criticizes Gen-Z work ethic, claiming they often say "Nah, I'm...

Jodie Foster criticizes Gen-Z work ethic, claiming they often say “Nah, I’m not feeling it today”

  • Jodie Foster finds it difficult to work with Gen Z actors due to their casual work ethic and disregard for grammar and spelling.
  • Foster reaches out to young actresses to help them navigate the world of Hollywood.
  • She advises young actors to relax and be true to themselves, rather than focusing on the pressure of being the protagonist.

Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster has expressed her difficulties in working with the ‘Gen Z’ generation, typically considered those born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Foster finds their relaxed work ethic to be “really annoying,” particularly in the workplace. She gives examples of Gen Z actors coming in late and disregarding grammar and spelling in emails, leaving her unimpressed.

Despite the challenges she has faced working with Gen Z individuals, Foster makes a point to reach out to younger actors to help guide them through the ups and downs of Hollywood. She says that growing up in the industry was difficult and she feels compelled to support those following in her footsteps.

In an interview with The Guardian, Foster shares that young actors need to learn how to relax, be themselves, and come up with their own unique ideas, instead of solely focusing on the pressures of being a story’s protagonist. She also mentions her support for The Last of Us star Bella Ramsey, whom she asked to introduce her at a recent Elle magazine Women in Hollywood event.

While Foster appreciates the focus on diversity in Hollywood events, she expresses disappointment in the continued emphasis on heels and eyelashes for female attendees, recognizing that there are many different ways to be a woman. She praises Ramsey’s speech at the event, as well as her choice to wear a tailored suit with minimal makeup.

Fans can currently see Jodie Foster in the latest installment of True Detective, titled True Detective: Night Country, which premieres on January 14, 2024. Her performance has been hailed as a “return to form” for the crime thriller anthology series.