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John Carpenter discloses knowing the remaining human character in The Thing’s last scene

  • The Thing is considered one of the greatest horror movies of all time for its groundbreaking practical effects and mysterious ending.
  • Director John Carpenter knows who is human and who is The Thing at the end of the movie but refuses to disclose the answer.
  • No remakes or sequels have been able to match the original movie in terms of terror and spectacle.

John Carpenter’s The Thing, a remake of The Thing from Another World, is regarded as one of the greatest horror movies ever made. The film showcases astonishing practical effects and creates a sense of dread and mystery in its final scene, leaving viewers questioning which characters are human and which are infected by The Thing.

Since its release in 1982, fans have been debating whether Kurt Russell’s MacReady or Keith David’s Childs are both still human at the end of the movie. Carpenter has recently weighed in on the discussion, without providing any concrete answers. In an interview with ComicBook.com, he dismissed the film’s cinematographer Dean Cundey’s suggestion that specific lighting was used to signify who was infected. However, Carpenter acknowledged that he knows who is The Thing and who is not, though he remains unwilling to reveal the answer.

While modern cinema relies heavily on CGI and advanced visual technology, The Thing utilized state-of-the-art practical effects made from wires, rubber, and motors. The film’s special effects, created by Rob Bottin, generated a movie monster that remains one of the most horrific and jaw-dropping creatures ever put on screen. As a result, The Thing has influenced many current filmmakers in the genre and has been widely imitated in the past four decades.

Despite being given a prequel in 2011 that relied too heavily on CGI, no other movie has come close to matching The Thing’s original terror and spectacle. Talk of a sequel has circulated, with Carpenter teasing earlier this year that there “may” be one in development. If he is involved, it could potentially become a worthy legacy sequel.