DVD Release DateJohn Woo of Silent Night believes audiences are growing tired of CGI...

John Woo of Silent Night believes audiences are growing tired of CGI and comic book films

  • John Woo aims to revive “good old time” movies, prioritizing storytelling and character development over CGI and comic book films.
  • Joel Kinnaman stars in Silent Night as a grieving father seeking revenge, with action sequences filmed in a single take.
  • Woo’s signature action style will be showcased, along with a focus on emotion and character depth.

John Woo, the renowned filmmaker, is taking a stand against CGI and comic book movies by emphasizing storytelling and character development in his latest film, Silent Night. In a recent interview, Woo expressed his desire to return to the “good old time” movies, which he believes audiences are missing. He stated, “I think audience nowadays are missing something […] I guess some of the audience is already fed up with all of those epic CGI and comic book movies, and me as well.”

Silent Night stars Joel Kinnaman as a grieving father named Godlock. After losing his child and being severely injured due to stray bullets, Godlock seeks revenge on Christmas Eve. Displaying Woo’s cinematographic expertise, action sequences in the film are beautifully choreographed and shot in long, unbroken takes to create a feeling of realism. Woo remarked, “It lets the audience feel that it’s real fighting; it’s not cheating. I didn’t use shaky cameras or fast cuts.”

Kinnaman, who is known for his roles in Suicide Squad and The Killing, delivers a powerful performance as Godlock. Woo praised the actor’s dedication to the role, noting that Kinnaman exhibits intensity and raw emotion in his fight scenes. The director also added that he did not use his trademark pigeons in this film.

Fans of Woo’s work can expect his signature action sequences alongside heartfelt character development in Silent Night, which is set to hit theaters on December 1. The movie’s trailer is now available for viewing.