DVD Release DateJordan Peele's upcoming two films lose their 2024 release dates

Jordan Peele’s upcoming two films lose their 2024 release dates

  • Jordan Peele’s fourth film is postponed due to strikes with an expected release in 2025.
  • Peele is working on a video game project called OD, which will blur the lines between gaming and cinema.
  • His previous films, Get Out and Us, have contributed to diversifying the horror genre with their originality and social commentary.

Jordan Peele is facing setbacks with two of his upcoming projects, as both movies have experienced delays due to the SAG and WGA strikes. The filmmaker’s fourth directorial effort, still unnamed, was initially slated for a Christmas Day 2024 release but has been pushed back, with some anticipating a Summer 2025 release instead. Another film he was developing through his MonkeyPaw Productions has also been postponed. While both delays are concerning, according to Deadline, Universal Pictures has not canceled either project.

However, Peele is keeping busy with other ventures, such as collaborating on the enigmatic video game project OD with Hideo Kojima. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the game will feature actors like Sophia Lillis and Hunter Schafer and aims to blur the lines between gaming and cinema. Kojima described the project as a “game, movie, and new form of media.”

Universal Pictures oversaw Peele’s earlier films, Get Out, Us, and Nope, which were groundbreaking contributions to the horror genre. With Peele and Universal remaining tight-lipped about the details of his new projects, fans can only expect some horror elements to be integrated within them.

Peele’s fresh and suspenseful storytelling has played a significant role in diversifying and revitalizing the horror genre. Get Out, which skillfully hid its shocking twist until its premiere, garnered widespread acclaim and became a cult sensation. Us and Nope continued Peele’s distinctive style, with the latter adopting a Neo-Western blend that resonated with audiences. Fans eagerly await the director’s future contributions to the genre.