DVD Release DateJurassic Park highlights the unparalleled experience of 'Going Out to the Movies,'...

Jurassic Park highlights the unparalleled experience of ‘Going Out to the Movies,’ says Sam Neill.

  • Sam Neill highlights the unique experience of going out to the movies.
  • Jurassic Park’s recent re-release draws large audiences despite being available on streaming platforms.
  • Neill believes that movie theaters will survive despite the growth of streaming services.

Sam Neill, who starred in the classic film Jurassic Park, is a firm believer in the special experience of going to the movies. In a recent statement, he affirmed the unmatched excitement that comes from watching a film in a theater, particularly in relation to the re-release of Jurassic Park.

With the re-release of the iconic movie, Jurassic Park seems to prove that there is indeed nothing quite like going out to watch a film at the cinema. The movie has been drawing large audiences, even though it is available on various streaming platforms. According to Neill, “It turns out people really want to see it on the big screen.”

Neill is confident that movie theaters will continue to survive, even in the face of ever-expanding streaming services. He believes that the magic of going to the movies will always draw in audiences, who seek the thrilling experience that only a theater can provide. Thus, while streaming services offer convenient alternatives, for Sam Neill, there will always be something special about ‘going out to the movies.’