DVD Release DateJustice Smith discusses extended development process for Detective Pikachu sequel.

Justice Smith discusses extended development process for Detective Pikachu sequel.

  • Detective Pikachu star Justice Smith has not received any updates on the progress of the movie’s sequel.
  • The sequel seems to be stuck in “development hell” despite the success of the first film.
  • Smith expresses his enthusiasm for the project and hopes for a return to the vibrant world of Ryme City.

Justice Smith, the actor who portrayed Tim Goodman in 2019’s Detective Pikachu, finds himself in a strange position, as he is unaware of any progress being made on the development of the sequel, just like fans of the movie. There had been promising news in 2023 when it was announced that Jonathan Krisel would direct the film while Chris Galletta would write the screenplay, pointing toward a new creative direction for the series.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Smith admitted that no movement had been made on the sequel. He said, “I have not heard of any movement. I mean, I know what was released online, but no one has called me. So I’m just waiting for that call.”

Despite its predecessor’s worldwide success, earning over $450 million in the box office, Detective Pikachu 2 is experiencing a rough development period often referred to as ‘development hell.’ Since before the release of the first film, the project by Legendary Entertainment has been highly anticipated by fans, generating both excitement and impatience.

The original Detective Pikachu film stood out as more than just a typical Pokémon video game adaptation. The movie appealed to a wide range of audiences, thanks to its mix of nostalgia, novelty, an ensemble cast, and Ryan Reynolds’ voice performance as Pikachu.

Smith’s emotional attachment to the franchise is evident, expressing both resignation and hope for the sequel. As Detective Pikachu 2 remains in pre-production limbo, the situation represents broader uncertainties within the creative industries. Projects, regardless of their initial success or popularity, are subject to a complex web of decisions, timelines, and sometimes mere luck.

For Justice Smith and Detective Pikachu fans, the wait continues. The sequel remains a mystery, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the chance to return to the vibrant world of Ryme City. As time goes on, the hope for this sequel to become a reality remains strong.