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Lesbian Movie Titles in Retrospection

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Lesbian movies aren’t new, but in the past, they were different than they are today. The world is changing, so the topics of lesbian movies nowadays aren’t the same as they were decades ago. Now, it’s normal to see lesbians in movies and tv shows. In the past, that was unusual. Seeing two girls holding hands on the screen was weird to some people in the past. Now, lesbian kisses are included in most films and TV shows, even those that aren’t about gay relationships. Those are all signs because they show the world has evolved. But there’s still a long way to go. One movie at the time.

The Importance of This Aspect

The importance of lesbian movies is massive. They help gay girls to understand themselves and their sexuality better. But they also make society accept LGBT members by showing they’re normal human beings like everyone else. Many women who have been trying to suppress their sexuality decided to start pursuing happiness after watching lesbian movies. Some of those inspiring films are on our list too. They made millions of women join a dating site to meet local lesbians and feel accepted by other girls from their areas. Geolocation is part of the standard features on modern lesbian sites, so they actually help women find dates, not just flirt-buddies. And with more and more movies with lesbians as loveable characters, the future is looking bright for gay girls. Not only for them but for the whole LBGT community because a better life for one means a better life for everyone. In the end, it looks like online dating, social media, and movies are bringing changes to our world.

How the World Is Changing Thanks To Movies

Almost every person on the planet enjoys watching movies. People may have different tastes, but finding someone who doesn’t like movies, in general, is difficult. And that’s why movies are so good for shifting people’s beliefs. Millions see them at the same time and ask themselves the same questions. People discuss movies with their friends and families, which helps spread their messages. And when that message is all about tolerance, love, and support – the world becomes a better place for everybody, not just for some.

Cinema Reflects Reality

Another value movies have is reflecting reality. Even movies that have nothing to do with the real world do that. Screenwriters and directors are people living in the real world. They get inspired by reality in one way or another. So every movie tells something about the period when it was made. In a way, movies are perfect guardians of the past. We just hope that future generations won’t be ashamed of the reality we live in. And looking just at the progress visible from the development of lesbian movies, we think we’re on the right path.

Desert Hearts (1986)

Desert Hearts is an old movie talking about even older times. The plot was happening in 1959. The story follows Vivian Bell, an English professor at Columbia University. She’s finalizing her divorce from her husband, which takes her to Reno. She stays at the ranch with other women waiting to put their final signatures on divorce papers. Vivian meets Cay, and they start building a connection. Two women face some unexpected problems, but the movie still has a happy end (sort of).

Go Fish (1994)

Go Fish is one of the most crucial lesbian movies ever because it proved that big audiences love such films. In a way, Go Fish opened the door for many movies coming after it. This movie combines drama, comedy, and romance, so it’s a perfect reflection of reality. It follows a young lesbian living in Chicago who had to endure 10 months without sex. She meets an unusual but weird girl. Then, their adventure begins.

Imagine Me & You (2005)

Imagine that you get married to a guy just to start questioning your sexuality right after the wedding. That’s what happens to Rachel in Imagine Me & You from 2005. She starts having second thoughts when she meets wedding florist Luce. However, determined to win over her in-laws’ she pushes forward. Of course, things don’t go as she expects.

I Can’t Think Straight (2008)

I Can’t Think Straight is slightly similar to Imagine Me & You but comes with an extra twist. An engaged woman is happy with her life but then meets a stunning woman who shakes her world. Like that’s not enough, that new lady is her best friend’s girlfriend. The movie is an adaptation of a novel with the same name.

Portrait Of A Lady on Fire (2019)

Lesbian movies are often related to weeding, and Portrait Of A Lady on Fire isn’t an exception. The big difference is the time when the story happens. In the 18th century, being lesbian was a lot different than today. This film shows that perfectly. It’s built around the painter hired to paint the wedding portrait of one soon-to-be-married lady. The painter needs to spend time with her clients to create good work. The more time they spend together, the more complicated things get. We highly recommend this movie, the same as 85k people who gave it an average rate of 8,1 on IMDB.