DVD Release DateLucy Hale shares why her dog is named Channing Tatum instead of...

Lucy Hale shares why her dog is named Channing Tatum instead of Mutt Damon

  • Lucy Hale names her dog Channing Tatum
  • Reason behind the name reveals her admiration for the actor
  • Finds humor in unique pet names

Lucy Hale, the star of the movie Puppy Love, recently disclosed the reason why she named her dog Channing Tatum instead of Mutt Damon. The actress stated that she was not a fan of silly pet names, until she got her own dog.

Hale developed a new appreciation for humor in pet names after getting her dog, which led her to name him after the popular actor Channing Tatum. She knew that this unique name would make people laugh, and that is exactly what she wanted. Lucy recognized that Channing Tatum was considered a “very good-looking guy,” which likely played into the decision to name her dog after him.

However, she didn’t stop at naming her dog after Channing Tatum. In a recent interview, Lucy Hale shared, “I would love to get all these animals and just name them ridiculous things…like, my next [dog] is going to be Mutt Damon.” This statement reveals her newfound enjoyment in using witty and amusing names for her pets.