DVD Release DateM3GAN 2.0 features Violet McGraw reprising her role as Cady

M3GAN 2.0 features Violet McGraw reprising her role as Cady

  • Violet McGraw is set to return as Cady in the horror sequel M3GAN 2.0.
  • The original film was a box office success, grossing $181 million against a $12 million budget.
  • M3GAN 2.0 will be released in January 2025 and continue exploring the topic of artificial intelligence.

Violet McGraw, the child star known for her role as Cady in the horror film M3GAN, has confirmed that she will reprise her role in the sequel, M3GAN 2.0. The original movie was released in 2022 and followed the story of a young girl who receives an AI-powered doll named M3GAN after her parents’ tragic death. The doll becomes self-aware, causing disastrous consequences.

In an interview with DiscussingFilm, 12-year-old McGraw revealed that she will return for M3GAN 2.0, which is planned for a January 2025 release. She will join Allison Williams (Gemma), Amie Donald (M3GAN), and Jenna Davis (the voice of M3GAN), who have also been confirmed for the sequel. Regarding her return as Cady, Violet McGraw said, “Yes I am returning. I’m very excited to film that [M3GAN 2.0]. I am literally dying to know what happens. I’m just looking forward to reuniting with all of the cast and crew.”

The original M3GAN film grossed $30.4 million in its opening weekend in 2022, finishing second behind Avatar: The Way of Water, and went on to earn $181 million with a budget of just $12 million. A sequel was confirmed in January 2023 by director Gerald Johnstone, who admitted to feeling the pressure after the first film’s success. However, it hasn’t been officially announced if he will direct M3GAN 2.0 as well.

M3GAN 2.0 is being produced by Blumhouse and Atomic Monster, the latter company having merged with the former. Producers Jason Blum and James Wan will collaborate on a slate of new horror films, including the anticipated sequel. Blumhouse producer Ryan Turek has stated that M3GAN 2.0 is in the early stages of production and aims for the 2025 release date.

Although the plot details for M3GAN 2.0 are currently under wraps, the first film’s focus on artificial intelligence struck a chord with audiences. M3GAN holds a 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes and has been well-received by critics. Producer James Wan told Empire Magazine that the sequel will further delve into concerns over AI: “It’s early yet, but M3GAN is coming back in a big way. The first film came just at the right time [when concerns about AI were mounting], and we’re definitely leaning into that on the next one. We’re exploring the AI universe even further.”

As fans anticipate M3GAN 2.0’s release, there are already speculations about a potential crossover with another iconic doll: Chucky from the Child’s Play franchise. Chucky creator Don Mancini hinted at the potential for a crossover in an interview with Variety, urging fans to “stay tuned.” However, no official confirmation has been made yet regarding the future of both franchises.