DVD Release DateMargot Robbie urged to change Barbie's release date by Oppenheimer producer, remains...

Margot Robbie urged to change Barbie’s release date by Oppenheimer producer, remains firm on schedule

  • Margot Robbie insists on keeping Barbie’s theatrical release date, refusing to move it for Oppenheimer.
  • Barbie becomes a blockbuster, grossing $1.44 billion, outperforming Oppenheimer’s worldwide box office performance.
  • Christopher Nolan’s preference for releasing his movies around July 21st played a role in both films’ release date choices.

Margot Robbie took a firm stance as a producer for the summer’s highly successful film, Barbie. In an interview with Greta Gerwig and Cillian Murphy, Robbie shared that she received a call from Oppenheimer’s producer Chuck Roven, who asked her to change the release date of the Mattel adaptation. Standing her ground, she told Roven they weren’t moving the date and suggested that having both films release simultaneously would make a perfect double-feature opportunity.

Robbie’s instincts turned out to be correct, with Barbie and Oppenheimer both premiering on July 21, 2023, and the former ending up being a massive box office success. While both films performed well, Robbie’s refusal to back down resulted in Barbie outperforming Oppenheimer in theaters, grossing a record-setting $1.44 billion worldwide, whereas Christopher Nolan’s film made $950.7 million globally.

Cillian Murphy commended Robbie for following her instincts and sticking to the July 21 release date, mentioning that Nolan also has a “superstition” for that date, having released several of his past films, including Dunkirk, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Dark Knight, around that time. Robbie and Murphy both reflected on the success of their cinematic achievements, acknowledging the significance of the chosen release date.

Barbie is set to become available for streaming on Max on December 15, while Oppenheimer, featuring Cillian Murphy’s performance, can be watched on digital or VOD formats. Christopher Nolan’s historical drama is expected to make its way to Peacock sometime in 2024.