DVD Release DateMark Ronson criticizes Bill Maher for attacking Barbie on 'preachy, man-hating' themes

Mark Ronson criticizes Bill Maher for attacking Barbie on ‘preachy, man-hating’ themes

  • Mark Ronson defends Barbie against Bill Maher’s criticism
  • Bill Maher claims Barbie promotes ‘preachy, man-hating’ themes
  • Ronson argues that Barbie fosters creativity and confidence in children

Mark Ronson has come forward to defend the popular toy Barbie, contesting Bill Maher’s criticism of the doll as promoting ‘preachy, man-hating’ themes. Ronson opposes this claim, arguing that Barbie fosters creativity and confidence in children and has had a positive impact on the lives of many girls worldwide.

In a recent interview, Bill Maher accused the iconic doll of promoting “a woke, pre-menstrual, preachy, man-hating” attitude among its young fans. However, Mark Ronson, a renowned musician and record producer, stepped up to challenge his views. Ronson expressed his disbelief at Maher’s issues with the iconic toy and stated that Barbie’s purpose is to encourage children to use their imagination and discover themselves through play.

“Barbie’s been empowering young children – mostly girls – to believe they can be whoever they want to be since 1959,” he said. Ronson went on to say that he recently did work with the popular YouTube channel “Barbie” on a song that “celebrates young kids from all different walks of life coming together in the spirit of play.”

He also mentioned that the toy has changed with the times, as evident in its more recent and diverse representation of women in different careers, body types, and backgrounds. The musician further emphasized that Barbie is a positive influence in the lives of many girls and helps them imagine their unlimited potential; hence it would be unjust to label it as ‘preachy’ and ‘man-hating.’

Ronson ended by expressing his disappointment with the mindset that one must be ‘against’ something in order to be considered ‘strong,’ when, in reality, being secure and sincere are what makes people strong. Overall, Mark Ronson’s message is one of support for Barbie and the joy and inspiration it brings to children, reframing the conversation and defending against Bill Maher’s unfounded criticism.