DVD Release DateMarvel actors transform into DC heroes and villains in innovative fan art

Marvel actors transform into DC heroes and villains in innovative fan art

  • Marvel actors are imagined as DC characters in a fan art series.
  • Instagram user “@savagecomics” creates the crossover casting images.
  • The fan art includes Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, and others reimagined as DC superheroes or villains.

A talented Instagram user who goes by “@savagecomics” has come up with a creative fan art series that features Marvel stars reimagined as DC heroes and villains. As Marvel and DC Comics are considered the two most popular comic book universes, this crossover casting has got the internet buzzing with excitement.

The Instagram artist released a series of videos with the tagline “What if Marvel Actors Were in DC?”. Some noteworthy reimaginations include Chris Evans, known for playing Captain America, as a visually stunning Superman; Ryan Reynolds, famous for his role as Deadpool, as Green Lantern (a role he ironically played before); Chris Hemsworth reimagined as Aquaman; and Scarlett Johansson as Catwoman.

These fan-created crossover images highlight the incredible talent and creativity of comic book fans, while fueling the never-ending debate on who would win in a battle between Marvel and DC superheroes. The detailed post-production work incorporated in these images showcases the skillful manipulation of photographs, making fans wonder what the casting would actually be like if the Marvel stars were given the opportunity to play roles in the DC universe.