DVD Release DateMatt Damon Discusses Reasons for Rejecting Avatar Role

Matt Damon Discusses Reasons for Rejecting Avatar Role

  • Matt Damon reveals reasons for declining Avatar role
  • Cameron offered 10% from Avatar profits as incentive
  • Compromising the Bourne series and family time were considerations

In a recent interview, Matt Damon spoke about why he chose to reject the offer to star in James Cameron’s blockbuster movie, Avatar. He shed light on the circumstances surrounding the decision, including the fact that Cameron offered him a generous incentive.

Damon shared that Cameron approached him to play the lead role in the movie and even offered him 10% of the profits. However, Damon ultimately turned down the offer, citing concerns about how it would impact his commitments to the Bourne series and ultimately his personal life. While he admitted that the financial consideration was tempting, he had to weigh it against the strain it would put on his life.

In hindsight, Damon acknowledged that rejecting the role was a difficult but necessary decision. He reflected on how it would have changed the course of his career, but in the end, he maintained that factoring in his responsibilities to the Bourne franchise as well as his desire to spend time with his family led him to pass on the opportunity.