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Meg Ryan adds a ‘magical’ touch from her personal life to the new movie What Happens Later

  • Meg Ryan’s new film, What Happens Later, incorporates the magical element of adoption, inspired by her own real-life experience.
  • Ryan believes in a benevolent larger force at work in adoption and wanted to showcase this in her film.
  • The film’s plot revolves around two ex-lovers who are snowed in at an airport and forced to spend time together.

Meg Ryan stars and directs the romantic comedy What Happens Later alongside The X-Files actor David Duchovny. In adding a very personal layer of her own life to the film, Ryan included a nod to adoption in the storyline. Ryan said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“That [the element of adoption] wasn’t in the original story, but it really moved me. This idea that there’s a benevolent, larger force at work. It’s a magical idea, but I want to have faith in it. I like that it’s an element of our movie, and I feel that with my daughter. I feel like it’s magical forces that put us together.”

In the film, Ryan’s character Willa has given up a daughter for adoption who she was planning to meet prior to being snowed in at the airport with Bill (Duchovny). However, in real life, Ryan adopted her only daughter Daisy True from China back in 2006.

Meg Ryan included the magical element of adoption in her new rom-com What Happens Later, which played a very big role in her personal life as it relates to the actress’ daughter Daisy True. Ryan welcomed Daisy into her life after splitting from ex-husband Dennis Quaid. The former couple has a son, Jack Quaid, who has made quite a name for himself in Hollywood too. Ryan talked about adopting her daughter in a 2007 interview with Redbook (per People):

“I just can’t imagine what it was like before she came. Life is good, it’s so good with her in it. She and Jack get along great. All of us fit together beautifully.”

Ryan shared more about her feelings towards her children with People:

“I have two of the greatest kids. They are hilarious, they’re smart, they are kind, they’re interested in other people, they’re curious about the world. I feel like both of them make the world a little better, and I just feel so proud of them.”

What Happens Later is based on the play Shooting Star, written by playwright Steven Dietz. The film remains set in an airport where the exes have been serendipitously reunited and are forced to spend time together when they’re snowed in. What Happens Later is now playing in theaters.