DVD Release DateMichael Fassbender discusses his perspective on the conclusion of Fox's X-Men Franchise,...

Michael Fassbender discusses his perspective on the conclusion of Fox’s X-Men Franchise, deeming it fortunate.

  • Michael Fassbender believes the end of Fox’s X-Men movies was well-timed.
  • Dark Phoenix experienced production difficulties and received negative reviews.
  • Deadpool 3 is rumored to have cameo appearances from original X-Men stars, possibly including prequel cast members.

As Marvel fans are gearing up to welcome the X-Men into the MCU, the downfall of Fox’s X-Men franchise, which concluded with the critically panned Dark Phoenix, is hard to overlook. Michael Fassbender, one of the prequel series’ stars, has expressed his thoughts on the matter, stating that it was the right time for the Fox X-Men movies to end.

The X-Men made their big screen debut in 2000, introducing iconic characters like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier, and Halle Berry’s Storm. The series continued with a set of prequels, starting with X-Men: First Class, which featured James McAvoy as a younger Professor X and Michael Fassbender as Magneto.

In a recent interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Fassbender talked about his experiences with the franchise, saying, “By the time Dark Phoenix was over – yeah, it was like… It was lucky, we had a fantastic run.”

Dark Phoenix faced various production issues and was released just before Disney merged with Fox, taking control of the franchise through Marvel Studios. The film’s poor reviews and lackluster box office performance supported the belief that the franchise might have been better off without its final entry.

Deadpool 3, the only Marvel Cinematic Universe movie scheduled for 2024, has been rumored to feature several Fox universe characters. Leaked set images revealed potential cameo appearances from original X-Men stars, and there are speculations that actors like Halle Berry and James Marsden may reprise their roles alongside Patrick Stewart and Kelsey Grammer. However, it has not yet been confirmed if any stars from the X-Men prequel movies will make an appearance in Deadpool 3 or the later Avengers: Secret Wars.

The idea of Deadpool 3 offering a true multiverse experience has already excited fans, with the inclusion of various X-Men versions possibly playing an essential role in the movie’s plot.