DVD Release DateMichael Mann's Ferrari to include intense, violent crash scene

Michael Mann’s Ferrari to include intense, violent crash scene

  • Michael Mann’s film “Ferrari” will showcase a brutal, violent crash sequence.
  • The visceral and intense driving scenes will be created using practical effects, making them more realistic.
  • Mann expresses admiration for Sergio Scaglietti, who used skilled craftsmanship on the original 1962 Ferrari GTOs.

“Michael Mann’s Ferrari Will Feature a Brutal, Violent Crash Sequence”.’Ferrari’, the upcoming film by director Michael Mann, is set to include an intense and brutal crash sequence involving a car crash. This movie centered on the world of racing will provide audiences with realistic and visceral driving scenes by making use of practical effects.

Mann not only has a deep interest in the world of racing but also holds admiration for the original 1962 Ferrari GTOs. He expressed his appreciation for Sergio Scaglietti, the chief engineer behind these cars, praising his skills and craftsmanship, saying “His alloy sculpting method needed to have been seen to be believed.” Mann also mentioned that Scaglietti’s dedication inspired him for the creation of his movie.

With a genuine admiration for the artistry behind racing cars and a commitment to making the driving scenes as real as possible, fans can expect an immersive and thrilling experience when watching ‘Ferrari’.