DVD Release DateNetflix avoids paying residuals to South Korean actors despite huge successes like...

Netflix avoids paying residuals to South Korean actors despite huge successes like Squid Game and The Glory

  • Netflix does not provide residual payments to South Korean actors
  • Successful shows like “Squid Game” and “The Glory” have not earned any royalties for the actors
  • South Korean entertainment industry struggles with lack of legal protection for artists

Despite the incredible success of South Korean series like “Squid Game” and “The Glory,” the actors of these shows are not receiving residual payments or royalties from Netflix. This is due to the absence of legal clauses protecting the rights of actors to earn royalties in South Korea’s entertainment contracts. Consequently, streaming platforms such as Netflix, do not provide any additional payment to the actors even when the shows become massive hits worldwide.

This issue in South Korea’s entertainment industry originates from a lack of legal protection for artists. When actors sign a contract with a production company, the payment for their work is often limited to the original wages that do not take into account the potential success of the show. Therefore, the actors are not compensated for the show’s success in international markets.

Furthermore, several online platforms have taken advantage of this loophole, causing a significant loss of income for South Korean actors. This situation highlights the need for better legal regulations that protect artists’ rights and ensures fair compensation for their work in the country’s rapidly growing entertainment industry.