DVD Release DateNetflix's canceled Masters of the Universe film may get a second chance...

Netflix’s canceled Masters of the Universe film may get a second chance at Amazon’s MGM

  • The Masters of the Universe live-action adaptation may find a new home at MGM after Netflix’s cancellation
  • Amazon-owned MGM is reportedly eager to bring He-Man back to the big screen
  • An MGM deal could speed up the project’s timeline, as the current rights owners’ agreement could end in 2026

Fans of Masters of the Universe may still have a chance to see He-Man’s live-action return, as the previously canceled Netflix adaptation could be moving to another studio – Amazon-owned MGM. MGM is now reportedly in line to take the rights to the toy-based action hero and bring He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to screens with the same team that was previously set by Netflix.

For over a decade, the Masters of the Universe reboot has been stuck in development hell. The first live-action version since Dolph Lungren’s portrayal in 1987 has seen numerous writers, directors, and potential lead stars come and go. Most recently, Kyle Allen was reported to be taking on the iconic role, with the Nee Brothers directing and co-writing the movie with David Callham.

In July, Netflix suddenly canceled the movie, disappointing many fans. However, MGM is reportedly interested in doing something Netflix did not plan: bringing He-Man back to the big screen. If this deal comes to fruition, the project might arrive sooner than later, as the current rights owners, Dreamworks Animation and Mattel, have an agreement that allows adaptations to be shopped to other studios ending in 2026.

Adapting an iconic franchise like Masters of the Universe is challenging, as it must satisfy a nostalgic fan base while appealing to new audiences. The 1987 movie, starring Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, and a young Courteney Cox, faced criticism for its Earth-bound setting and lack of faithfulness to the animated series and toyline that inspired it.

Aaron Nee, co-director of the proposed live-action film, previously addressed the importance of doing the source material justice in an interview with ScreenRant. He explained, “It’s so important to us that we don’t shortchange this material… It feels like we’ve got the the kind of closeness and affection that we would have for an indie project… It’s [being] done right.”

More information about MGM’s attempt to bring a live-action He-Man to life can be expected soon, and fans can check out the trailer for the upcoming animated extension of Kevin Smith’s take on the Masters of the Universe, set to arrive on Netflix in January 2024.