DVD Release DateNew Funko Pop Figures for Jay, Silent Bob, and the Gang Revealed...

New Funko Pop Figures for Jay, Silent Bob, and the Gang Revealed in Clerks 3

  • Funko unveils a new collection of Clerks III pop figures featuring popular characters from the film
  • Fans can pre-order the collectibles from various platforms including Entertainment Earth, Hot Topic, and Amazon
  • A special “Silent Bob with Camera” variant will be exclusive to the Funko Shop

For fans of the Clerks series, Funko, known for creating popular pop figures, has released a new collection based on the latest film, Clerks III. The lineup includes fan favorites like Jay and Silent Bob, as well as Dante, Elias Grover, and Randal in their classic styles.

While Jay and Silent Bob have been featured in Funko collections before, this is the first time an entire collection is solely dedicated to a Clerks film. In the storyline of Clerks III, Randal has a near-death experience that inspires him to create a cinematic tribute to his time at the convenience store, reflecting director Kevin Smith’s own personal experiences.

Those eager to purchase these collectibles can pre-order them on various platforms such as Entertainment Earth, Hot Topic, and Amazon. Additionally, an exclusive “Silent Bob with Camera” variant will only be available at the Funko Shop.

For fans who want even more, a limited edition Blu-ray box set of Clerks I-III is now available. The packaging features a 3D miniature replica of the Quick Stop and RST Video storefronts, a functioning VHS return slot, and a rental return wall that can be customized with stickers referencing the series.

The box set is available for pre-order on Amazon for $129.99, with a release date set for November 7th. If the price drops before the release, buyers are guaranteed the lower rate. In a recent interview, director Kevin Smith revealed that the success of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’s home media sales played a crucial role in getting Clerks III made. The impressive DVD and Blu-ray sales convinced Lionsgate to greenlight another sequel, fulfilling fans’ wishes.

Collider’s Ross Bonaime applauded Clerks III as one of Kevin Smith’s “best films in decades.” Unlike the previous films, which were primarily comedies with an emotional undercurrent, Clerks III emphasizes emotion and adds humor, effectively tugging at audiences’ heartstrings. Bonaime ultimately rated the film an ‘A -.’

The Clerks universe continues to grow and enchant fans, leaving its mark on pop culture through films and collectibles. With this new range of merchandise, fans can own a piece of cinematic history and look forward to more offerings from the beloved franchise.