DVD Release DateNew Jedi Order Director Discusses Rey Skywalker Sequel and Conversations with George...

New Jedi Order Director Discusses Rey Skywalker Sequel and Conversations with George Lucas

The director of the new Star Wars: New Jedi Order has finally spoken about the Rey Skywalker sequel and conversations with George Lucas.

In a recent interview, the director shared insights into the upcoming film, revealing that Rey’s journey will continue in unexpected ways. They also mentioned having discussions with George Lucas, which added depth to the story. “It’s been an honor to talk with George,” the director said, emphasizing how these talks influenced the direction of the sequel.

Interestingly, while fans are eager for more details, the director remained tight-lipped about specific plot points. However, they assured everyone that the sequel would honor the legacy of both Rey and the original Star Wars saga.

I think it’s exciting when directors keep some secrets to surprise us later.

The conversation also touched on how the new movie aims to balance fresh narratives with beloved elements from past films. This blend is crucial for keeping long-time fans happy while attracting new audiences.

In addition to discussing character arcs, there was a hint about introducing new characters who might play significant roles in Rey’s story. The director hinted at thrilling adventures and emotional moments that will resonate with viewers.

As anticipation builds, fans are left wondering what surprises await in this next chapter of the Star Wars universe.