DVD Release DateNicolas Cage Reveals His Favorite Nic Cage Movie, and It's Surprisingly Unexpected

Nicolas Cage Reveals His Favorite Nic Cage Movie, and It’s Surprisingly Unexpected

Nicolas Cage has revealed his top pick for his favorite movie featuring himself, and it’s quite a surprise.

Instead of choosing one of his more famous films, he picked “Pig,” a movie that many might not have expected. In this film, Cage plays a truffle hunter searching for his stolen pig, which is very different from his usual action-packed roles. He said, “I wanted to tell a story about love and loss.”

People often think actors always prefer their blockbuster hits, but sometimes they cherish the quieter, more personal projects. I find it interesting how personal choices can defy public expectations.

Cage’s choice shows how deeply he connects with the character and the story in “Pig.” It’s a reminder that even big stars value heartfelt stories over flashy scenes.