DVD Release DateProducers reveal plans for Saw sequels beyond Saw X

Producers reveal plans for Saw sequels beyond Saw X

  • Additional Saw sequels planned beyond Saw X
  • Producers Twisted Pictures express excitement for developing the franchise further
  • Fans can expect more engaging stories and grisly crimes

Fans of the gruesome crime horror series, Saw, will be pleased to learn that more sequels are in the pipeline beyond Saw X, as revealed by the producers. Twisted Pictures, the production company behind the franchise, have shared their enthusiasm for the future of the series and expectations of continuing to work with Lionsgate.

Although details about the upcoming installments have not been divulged, fans can expect more engaging narratives and brutal crimes in forthcoming films. These announcements ensure that the Saw franchise, known for its grisly and inventive crime scenes, has a bright future ahead as it continues to captivate audiences.