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Retirement Plan Director Reveals Secrets Behind Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman’s Epic Fight Scene

  • Retirement Plan’s director breaks down a fight scene involving Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman
  • Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman’s battle in Retirement Plan draws inspiration from various fight scenes in films
  • The director wanted to show the contrast in fighting styles between Cage and Perlman’s characters

The director of Retirement Plan delves into the fascinating details that shaped the legendary fight scene between Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman. The intense and captivating battle was crafted by drawing inspiration from various similarly iconic fight scenes in films.

In an attempt to showcase the stark contrast in fighting styles, the director carefully emphasized the unique strengths and abilities of each character. Cage’s combat experience and physical prowess is juxtaposed with Perlman’s cunning and strategy, ultimately making the fight scene a compelling blend of both action and storytelling.