DVD Release DateRobert Pattinson Shares His Greatest Acting Fear

Robert Pattinson Shares His Greatest Acting Fear

  • Robert Pattinson opens up about his acting anxieties
  • The actor values consistency in his performances
  • Pattinson discusses the importance of not repeating himself

In a candid discussion, Robert Pattinson has shared the largest source of fear he faces as an actor. As much as he strives to be consistent in his performances, he also doesn’t want to repeat himself, leading to a constant battle of maintaining familiarity while still pushing the envelope.

He revealed his unease saying, “I’ve definitely been extremely nervous about not being repetitive my whole career,” and added how the importance of not repeating himself weighs heavily on his mind.

Despite his worries, Pattinson has managed to remain versatile, taking on a wide range of roles in recent years. From vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” series to Batman in the upcoming film “The Batman,” the actor shows no signs of being pigeonholed into a specific type. Yet, remaining distinct with each new project is something that continues to concern him.

Pattinson emphasized the importance of consistency when he stated, “It’s very difficult to be consistent. I think it’s much harder to be consistent than to be relevant.” Nevertheless, he goes on to say that balancing these fears has pushed him to grow as an actor, ensuring that his worry doesn’t hold him back from continuing to pursue dynamic roles.