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Robert Pattinson thrilled to star in Studio Ghibli’s The Boy and the Heron

  • Robert Pattinson voices The Grey Heron in the English dub of The Boy and the Heron, exciting both himself and the film’s team.
  • The film features an all-star voice cast including Mark Hamill, Christian Bale, and Willem Dafoe.
  • Voice director Michael Sinterniklaas initially had doubts about Pattinson’s ability, but was impressed when he heard the actor’s iPhone recordings.

Robert Pattinson takes on a different role, voicing The Grey Heron in the English dub of The Boy and the Heron. Pattinson’s enthusiasm for the part delighted Rodney Uhler, Director of Acquisitions and Development for GKIDS, who shared in an interview with IndieWire that the actor was “giddy with excitement” when offered the role. Uhler said, “We didn’t offer him a platter of roles – we offered him only the Heron, and he was very, very excited about being presented with a role as complicated and nuanced as this one.”

GKIDS President, Dave Jesteadt, elaborated on the appeal of the role, saying, “One of the things that we were talking about with Ghibli was his role in ‘Good Time’ and his desire to play characters that don’t fall into a typical matinée idol filmography.”

Joining Pattinson in the English dub version are Mark Hamill, Christian Bale, Florence Pugh, Willem Dafoe, Dave Bautista, and Gemma Chan. Despite initial doubts about Pattinson’s capabilities for the role, the film’s voice director, Michael Sinterniklaas, was impressed after listening to the actor’s iPhone recordings: “I was like, ‘Oh, bingo, you’ve already got the character.’”

Uhler further praised Pattinson, stating, “He knew he could do it, and he showed up and delivered magic.”

The Boy and the Heron is now playing in theaters, with a projected opening-weekend revenue of over $10 million. The English dub trailer is also available for fans to watch.