DVD Release DateRowdy Five Nights at Freddy's Screenings Cause Theater Complaints

Rowdy Five Nights at Freddy’s Screenings Cause Theater Complaints

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s fans are disrupting movie showings with unruly behavior and theft.
  • TikTok videos showcase incidents such as yelling, fighting, and stealing standees from theaters.
  • Despite the chaos, heartwarming moments include fans cosplaying, bringing plushies, and enjoying the film with their children.

The movie adaptation of the popular indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s is drawing in devoted fans, but some of them are proving to be too passionate, leading to chaos in theaters. Several TikTok videos reveal incidents involving disruptive behavior during the showings, such as yelling, clapping at inappropriate times, fighting, and even stealing cardboard standees from theater lobbies.

One unhappy moviegoer, user @decepticommie on TikTok, shared that they left the Five Nights at Freddy’s theater just fifteen minutes into the movie due to the unbearable unruliness of the audience. Another user, @iamreesestreams, expressed similar sentiments and advised concerned fans to watch the movie on Peacock for a peaceful experience.

Despite the disorder, TikTok also showcases the community-building aspects of the movie. Fans of all ages are cosplaying, bringing plushies of their favorite animatronics, and enjoying the film with their young ones. A popular video on TikTok features a fan holding up a standee of famous YouTuber Markiplier, who helped popularize the game, as the audience cheers.

As heartwarming as these moments may be, it’s important for fans to remember that their passion shouldn’t ruin the experience for others. Disruptive behavior in theaters has been an issue in the past, such as when Minions: The Rise of Gru fans dressed in business suits became too rowdy, eventually leading theaters to ban those in costume. Enjoying the cinema can be special, but it’s essential to respect fellow attendees and maintain appropriate behavior while out in public. Five Nights at Freddy’s is currently playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock.