DVD Release DateRumors imply Fast & Furious 11 with reduced budget, no Jason Momoa,...

Rumors imply Fast & Furious 11 with reduced budget, no Jason Momoa, and possibly Vin Diesel’s last appearance

  • Fast 11 might be the last film in the franchise for Vin Diesel, signaling a possible end of the series.
  • The movie is expected to have a smaller budget and return to the franchise’s roots with one big heist or race.
  • There are speculations about how the story will progress without Jason Momoa’s character from the sequel, as there is a cliffhanger ending in Fast X.

A new report suggests that Fast 11 could be Vin Diesel’s final appearance in the long-running Fast and Furious series. Adding to the rumors, it seems that Fast X villain, Jason Momoa, may not be returning for the next installment, which leaves several unanswered questions due to the cliffhanger ending of the latest film. Initially, Fast X was slated to be split into three separate films to conclude the franchise, but the disappointing box office performance may have prompted Universal to make Fast 11 the final entry in the series.

As per a speculative report by Jeff Sneider (via The InSneider), the franchise will go “back to basics” for the upcoming installment, with a budget reduction from $340 million in Fast X to “$200 million or less” for Fast 11. The film is anticipated to return to the series’ roots, featuring a single major heist or race. Sneider suggests that this could be the “last job” for Vin Diesel, who has played Dominic Toretto in every primary Fast and Furious film since its 2001 inception, even making a cameo appearance in The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. However, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt until official statements are made by Universal, director Louis Leterrier, or other production personnel.

The InSneider’s news also indicates that Universal might opt for a new antagonist in the next film, rather than bringing back Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes character. Reyes was the primary antagonist in Fast X, seeking vengeance against Dom and his crew following the events in Fast Five. With Fast X ending on a cliffhanger, as Reyes traps Dom and his son in a dam wired with explosives, questions arise about how the subsequent film will proceed without his character.

Less than a month after Fast X’s May 2023 release, Vin Diesel shared an Instagram photo with Jason Momoa, revealing that Fast 11 is slated for release on April 4, 2025. Diesel stated in the post that Fast X was just part one and that Momoa “ended up creating a scene-stealing character.” Diesel’s full post can be found below:

In June 2023, Universal announced a new Fast and Furious spinoff movie, starring Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs. A mid-credit scene in Fast X teased a showdown between Johnson and Momoa’s Reyes character, implying that there could be resolution to Fast X’s ending before Fast 11 premieres. Expected to release before the sequel, the Luke Hobbs spinoff, titled Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Reyes, will serve as a bridge between the two films. Diesel, who is not expected to appear in the film, will work alongside Johnson as executive producers.

In a post on X, Johnson revealed that he and Vin Diesel have reconciled after their public feud, stating that they will lead “with brotherhood and resolve.” Johnson also mentioned that his “audience-first mentality” career approach will help him with the new Luke Hobbs film. Dwayne Johnson’s full post on X can be found below:

As of now, it is uncertain how all the elements will come together to bring a satisfying conclusion to the Fast and Furious series if these rumors are true. Regardless, fans can still look forward to a couple more films to fulfill their high-octane cravings.