DVD Release DateRyan Reynolds humorously comments on SAG-AFTRA regulations for Halloween outfits

Ryan Reynolds humorously comments on SAG-AFTRA regulations for Halloween outfits

  • SAG-AFTRA releases a guide discouraging members from wearing Halloween costumes inspired by large productions.
  • Ryan Reynolds, a union member with Deadpool 3 on hold, jokingly comments on the costume rules.
  • The strike could cause a delay in the release of Deadpool 3, with the studio potentially moving the release date to dominate the summer box office.

With Halloween just around the corner, it appears that the members of the SAG-AFTRA union, including Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, may have some restrictions regarding their costume choices. The union released a guide suggesting their members avoid wearing costumes that give publicity to large productions. Instead, they advise opting for costumes of classic characters like ghosts or zombies, and avoiding those inspired by Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, Netflix’s Wednesday, and similar productions.

Reynolds, who is a member of the union and has his film Deadpool 3 on hold due to the ongoing strike, couldn’t help but poke fun at the new guidelines. Sharing a joke on his X page, the star wrote, “I look forward to screaming ‘scab’ at my 8-year-old all night. She’s not in the union but she needs to learn.” Reynolds is known for having a sense of humor, and it seems he’s not afraid to make jokes about the tumultuous situation in Hollywood.

It seems Deadpool 3 might face additional delays as a result of the strike. The film had already completed half of its filming, but an extended strike may mean a delay in its release date. Originally slated for November 2024, Deadpool 3’s release was moved up to May. The film’s release appeared to be on track, but recent reports suggest that the movie could now be at risk of missing its May release. The studio is considering moving Deadpool 3 to July to maintain its presence in the summer box office, which would also necessitate a release date change for Captain America: Brave New World. However, no official changes have been made as of yet, but should the strike continue, it may only be a matter of time before changes are announced.