DVD Release DateRyan Reynolds joins Deadpool 3 director for Netflix's heist comedy inspired by...

Ryan Reynolds joins Deadpool 3 director for Netflix’s heist comedy inspired by Oceans 11 style

  • Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy are collaborating on a Netflix heist comedy.
  • The ensemble film is inspired by Oceans Eleven and will have an international setting.
  • Dana Fox will write the script, with production companies Maximum Effort, Genre Films, and 21 Laps involved.

Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy, known for their work on Deadpool 3, are partnering again for an untitled heist comedy that landed on Netflix after an intense bidding war involving eight companies. The film is reportedly inspired by Oceans Eleven, featuring an ensemble cast and an international setting. Details about the production remain unknown.

Dana Fox, who worked on Cruella, will write the script for the Netflix comedy, with Ashley Fox, Johnny Pariseau, Reynolds through Maximum Effort, Audrey Chon, Simon Kinberg from Genre Films, and Levy through 21 Laps producing. The film’s concept was developed by Fox and Kinberg, who pitched it to Reynolds and his production company, Maximum Effort.

The previous collaborations between Levy and Reynolds, Free Guy and The Adam Project, have enjoyed success at the box office and on streaming platforms. Deadpool 3, set to release on July 26, 2024, is anticipated to make a significant impact at the box office and currently tops Fandango’s Most Anticipated 2024 film survey.

Given Reynolds and Levy’s busy schedules, it may be some time before their latest project comes to life. The duo, along with Kinberg, are currently wrapping up production on Deadpool 3. Reynolds is also set to appear in numerous other projects, including an updated version of Clue, Animal Friends, Red Notice 2, and the action-comedy Calamity Hustle. Levy has projects such as the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, Boy Band, and Starman in the pipeline.