DVD Release DateSaw X's Jigsaw character actor Tobin Bell departs from Twitter platform, declares...

Saw X’s Jigsaw character actor Tobin Bell departs from Twitter platform, declares “game over”

  • Tobin Bell is stepping away from the social media platform X due to its volatility, focusing on Instagram and YouTube instead.
  • Bell’s departure comes in the wake of numerous other celebrities leaving the platform.
  • The actor recently appeared on Lionsgate’s TikTok promoting Saw X, hinting at more sequels in the future.

Tobin Bell, famous for his role as Jigsaw in the Saw franchise, has decided to leave the increasingly volatile and hostile world of the social media platform X. Instead, he will concentrate his social media efforts on Instagram and YouTube. Changes to X made by Elon Musk have frustrated many users, leading to several celebrities abandoning the platform and following in Bell’s footsteps.

Recently, Bell made an appearance on Lionsgate’s TikTok account to promote the release of Saw X, where he reprised his role as Jigsaw in a more meaningful and in-depth manner. The movie’s success has revitalized the franchise, suggesting that more sequels may be in the works.

In a post by Bell, he stated that he would be leaving X for other platforms after much consideration. He shared, “After much consideration, I’ve decided to exit this platform and focus my social media efforts solely on Instagram and YouTube. Feel free to follow @tobinbellofficial on Instagram and subscribe to @tobinbellofficial on YouTube. Thank you for your support.”

Bell’s return to the Saw franchise with Saw X excited fans, as it delved into the origins of the story and centered around the character of John Kramer, aka Jigsaw. While Jigsaw met his end in Saw III, the latest installment has invigorated the franchise more than previous sequels or the Chris Rock-led spin-off, Spiral: From the Book of Saw. With the post-credits scene of Saw X hinting towards potential future sequels, it seems likely that there may be more chapters for the horror saga.

Following its success at the box office, Saw X will debut on VOD on October 20, just in time for Halloween. Physical copies of the movie, including 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD will be available on November 21st.