DVD Release DateSet source refutes claims of Johnny Depp's Modi being in chaos, says...

Set source refutes claims of Johnny Depp’s Modi being in chaos, says he’s moved on from massive media assault

  • A source working on Modi denies claims of chaos and unprofessional behavior by Johnny Depp.
  • A source emphasized Johnny Depp’s dedication, hard work, and professionalism on the movie set.
  • Depp’s alleged blacklisting at hotels is explained as his preference for privacy and rest rather than diva behavior.

Recent reports suggested that Johnny Depp’s first movie as a director in 25 years, Modi, was facing issues due to his alleged partying and chaotic behavior. However, according to a new report from the Daily Express, an unnamed source working on the movie denies these claims and highlights Depp’s dedication, hard work, and professionalism on the set.

Modi, a historical biopic set in 1916, marks Depp’s return to directing since the 1997 film The Brave. Starring Al Pacino, Stephen Graham, and Sally Phillips, the movie is based on a play by Dennis McIntyre, exploring the life of Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. Reports claimed the production had been disrupted by Depp’s behavior, including him being blacklisted at luxury hotels, prioritizing his celebrity status over the movie, and allowing an assistant director to do most of the work. However, the source speaking to the Express denies these allegations.

In an interview with the UK newspaper, the source said, “Johnny always looks after the cast and crew and treats people with kindness. There were weeks of very long night shoots; 12-14 hours. He works diligently, both on the script and on the very long days, and seems to be very passionate in bringing his visions to life. He has moved on from a massive media assault that would have devastated anyone, but he showed incredible bravery and resilience. I absolutely admire his perseverance. I think it’s time for people to get on with their lives.”

After his high-profile legal disputes with ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has been gradually making his way back into the film industry, starting with Jeanne du Barry and now with Modi. Despite previous claims of production issues, the source insisted that Depp has not caused any problems and expressed admiration for his work on the movie, stating: “Johnny has a lot of responsibility as a film director and has to make important decisions. He invests so much passion and energy in the project, and is backed by his professional production team.”

Regarding the alleged blacklisting at hotels, the source noted that Depp preferred staying in private residences for more privacy and quiet after long working days and nights. To emphasize that Depp is not causing any issues for the production, the source concluded, “He is working hard, enjoying life, and deserves to reclaim his narrative as a film director, actor and the brilliant visionary that he is.” Modi currently has no release date.