DVD Release DateShawn Levy Compares Deadpool & Wolverine to Early MCU Films Despite Multiverse...

Shawn Levy Compares Deadpool & Wolverine to Early MCU Films Despite Multiverse Plot

Shawn Levy compares Deadpool and Wolverine to the first MCU films, even though it has a multiverse storyline.

The director sees similarities between these characters and the early days of Marvel’s cinematic universe. He believes that their dynamic and chemistry bring back the same excitement fans felt when they first saw Iron Man or Captain America on screen. “It’s like capturing lightning in a bottle again,” he said.

I think it’s pretty cool how some movies can make us feel nostalgic.

Even with the complex multiverse plot, Levy feels that the core of the story remains grounded in character-driven moments. He emphasizes that, despite all the twists and turns, it’s the relationships and humor that will keep audiences hooked. Imagine a rollercoaster ride where you laugh and cry at the same time!

In an unexpected twist, Levy also hinted at potential cameos from other beloved characters, adding another layer of surprise for fans.