DVD Release DateTerrifier 3 teased by Chris Jericho: "It Ups the Ante"

Terrifier 3 teased by Chris Jericho: “It Ups the Ante”

  • Chris Jericho has seen the Terrifier 3 script and promises fans of the franchise will love the sequel.
  • The sequel will continue the supernatural themes from the second film but in a more grounded manner.
  • Terrifier 3 will be released in theaters on October 25, 2024, by Bloody Disgusting and SCREAMBOX.

Professional wrestler and Terrifier 3 actor, Chris Jericho, shared details from the upcoming horror sequel during an exclusive interview, and how long his character will last against Art the Clown this time. In addition to discussing the horror movie, Jericho also talked about his new documentary The Death Tour, which premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. When asked about the script for Terrifier 3, Jericho said the following:

“I have seen the script. I have already kind of done the [prep and prosthetics], the filming that they do when they’re taking molds of your face and all this sort of thing. So, suffice to say I don’t have a good, well, I don’t last very long. But it’s gonna be great. If you love Terrifier 2, you’re gonna love Terrifier 3 because it’s even better, it ups the ante even more.”

The first Terrifier, released in 2016, revolves around Tara Heyes (Jenna Kanell) and her sister Victoria (Samantha Scaffidi) evading a mysterious serial killer (David Howard Thornton) on Halloween night. The sequel, Terrifier 2, introduces new mythology and follows the resurrection of Art the Clown as he pursues teenage Sienna Shaw (LaVera) and her younger brother Jonathan (Fullam) on Halloween night. Jericho joined the franchise as Burke, an attendant in a psychiatric hospital, and it seems he will not make it to the end of Terrifier 3. Fans will likely be pleased with his description of prep, prosthetics, and molds, hinting at a gruesome end for his character.

In the third installment of Damien Leone’s breakout horror film, Art the Clown will wreak havoc on the unsuspecting residents of Miles County as they settle in for a peaceful Christmas Eve. Leone, who also wrote and directed the film, hinted at a continuation of the supernatural elements and the shocking end of Terrifier 2. The film will not shy away from supernatural themes, but Leone promises a more artistic, grounded approach.

The Death Tour follows professional wrestlers on a challenging journey through Canada’s most remote Indigenous communities. Terrifier 3, presented by Bloody Disgusting and SCREAMBOX, will be released in theaters nationwide on October 25, 2024.