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The Art of Map Rotation: Strategies for Navigating World’s Edge and Kings Canyon

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Apex Legends is one of our favorite games, but knowing the Apex Legends map is where a lot of gamers find their head scratchy. The three rotating maps in the game include World’s Edge, island Kings Canyon, and the floating city Olympus. This article will only cover World’s Edge and Kings Canyon.

Picking the right location will give you some decent loot, whereas if you pick a poor location, you’ll find yourself fighting for scraps. Plus, you want to properly plan your next move to avoid running around aimlessly. That’s why you should be familiar with each location in the game. However, you could try 7Slots for other familiar games if you find any level too difficult. Taking such a break can help ease your mind while you give a huge comeback. Let’s now guide you to our best landing locations in the Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps. 

The Best Spot to Drop in Apex Legend

You should ideally land in an area with zero to one team, far from everyone else, yet having enough loot. On the other hand, landing in the area adjacent to the Hot Zone is a smart move for more aggressive players. The Hot Zone is represented by the blue circle on the Apex Legends map.

To help you navigate the maps, here are our best four (4) landing spots on World’s Edge and Kings Canyon maps.

Landing Areas of King’s Canyon

The King Canyon has many sweet landing spots, but here are our best four:

  • Relay: Relay is a small place in the northeastern part of Kings Canyon. You can loot without much trouble here, just like in Thunderdome. Other players rarely land in the area. But if you come across another team, you should not use any of the many zip lines in the area because you will not be able to defend yourself from enemy fire.
  • Artillery: Artillery is a location featuring two enormous hangars and several open buildings brimming with treasure, located directly west of Relay. A tunnel with supply bins along the sides branches off to the west, and the entrance gate leads to a natural setting with further supply bins. Despite having more than enough loot for many teams, it’s rarely filled because of its proximity to the map’s edge.
  • Hydro Dam: Hydro Dam is in the southeast of Kings Canyon and is one of the most popular places to drop items in Apex Legends. There are usually at least two other teams in this area when you land. With its numerous links to other areas, Hydro Dam frequently attracts many gamers. If you want to get rapid kills, land here. However, if you want to stay away from teammates, you can completely clear one side and loot without seeing the other squad.
  • Market: The market is one of the best places to land in Apex Legends because of its centralized position. As long as you get into the indoor market quickly, there’s usually a lot of loot to find.

Landing Areas of World’s Edge

Contrary to popular opinion, the World’s Edge isn’t always a bad map, even for beginner players. With the correct information, players may navigate its relatively chaotic environment to dominate any battle. Here are the best locations to land:

  • Dome: The Dome may be found at the exact center of the map, and it is here that the best looks can be found. There are many buildings interconnected by tight passageways, making it a potentially ideal setting for a variety of Legends. Just don’t fall into the lava; it might injure you if an opposing team is already there.
  • Lava City: Lava City can be located at the southeast corner of the map.  It is a pretty interesting spot. But unfortunately, it is easily overlooked due to its badly burned buildings, just like those in Fragments East and West. What many players don’t see is that the broken-down train within the spot has some loot.  Also, the proximity of many enemy troops landing in such a limited area means that valuable loot may be secured rapidly. Only attempt a last-second landing if you can pull it off successfully.
  • The Geyser: The Geyser is a small building east of the map. In the middle is its eponym, geyser, which can be used as a jump tower. To the south is Underpass, to the east are The Ridge and Sorting Factory, and to the north is Lava City. It also has scant protection outside the interconnected structures of the area’s circular layout. You should watch out for the wide open space and the convenient exits if you intend to visit this location.
  • Thermal Station: The Thermal Station is a massive circular building with a tower on the southwest. It’s at the center of the map, just like The Dome, but to the west. Going down to the Thermal Station will increase the temperature, which is why it is one of the most difficult locations to navigate in the entire map. However, the more difficult, the more loot available for you to collect.

Navigate Your Way to Becoming the Champ

Navigating the Apex Legend maps requires great caution and an understanding of the different spots. You don’t want to be caught unaware by enemies or obstacles. To master the map, you’ll need to dedicate time to practice and adapt to every unique challenge the game brings. It takes time, but it’s surely possible. It’s now your turn to be the champ!