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The Best Movie Streaming Apps for Your Phone

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Nowadays, the popularity of internet streaming media is expanding at an exponential rate all over the world. Individuals now enjoy watching their favorite shows through these movie streaming applications, which has changed the forthcoming era of film entertainment, thanks to the increased usage of mobile phones and impeccable internet speed.

It is undeniable that movie applications are fantastic inventions. It’s because they enable a great deal to explore and are incredibly convenient for customers because they minimize download times, lower the expense of enjoyment, provide access to multiple devices, direct the user to content databases, as well as give access to vast amounts of information.

The 5 best streaming apps for your phone

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is the company’s video streaming platform. It is offered within its Amazon Prime package. That ensures you receive movies, 2-day shipment, cloud services, and song streaming all within one package. The package is exceptional, with modern additions like High Definition Resolution and 4K streaming. Furthermore, it received Google support two years back, making it an essential video streaming app to have. Amazon Prime is accessible on iOS and Android and is included within Amazon’s Subscription Plan for $13 monthly or $119 yearly.

2. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best and well-known streaming platforms available for both iOS and Android. It is accessible in many countries, has a vast selection of titles, outstanding original series material, and supports 4K, Miracast, Chromecast, TVs and gaming consoles, and much more. That makes it suitable for everyday tasks and for looking ahead. The rates vary; however, the most expensive one is $15.99 each month. It also has a DVD application with a separate fee that sends you genuine Discs and BluRays to view and return. It also offers a 30-day free trial to watch free movies on iPhone and Android phones.

3. HBO Now

HBO provides a video-on-demand streaming service. This is an Android Based app that gives you easy accessibility to all of its programming. One key benefit is that users can view the most recent premieres once they are released. On all types of devices, you may watch High definition quality comedies, television shows, films, documentaries, and so on from any place and at any time. HBO Now is purchasable even without a TV bundle at HBONOW.com for a monthly fee of $14.99.

4. Hulu

Hulu is among the most varied streaming video applications available. It provides the standard video quality, with a plethora of classic TV series, films, cartoons, and other content. It also offers live TV for $39.99 monthly. The $39.99 monthly fee also includes ordinary Hulu content. Their options are pretty varied. The subscription also includes over 50 channels, and you can add more for a price. It does have a free trial membership and Chromecast support. The Hulu app is accessible in the respective AppStore for iOS and Android.

5. Twitch

A video streaming platform, Twitch, is primarily used by gamers. And there are no doubt a variety of online streaming apps available. Twitch, on the other hand, is unrivaled. You can watch individuals play games, matches, or even news reporting. In addition, companies frequently use Twitch to make significant announcements, and Twitch broadcasts such as E3 are heavily streamed. Membership options range from $4.99 to $24.99 a month, as well as a 30-day free trial available on the android streaming app and iOS.

The following method will allow you to gain unrestricted access to these streaming apps:

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Some authorities have deemed that it is better to prevent the people of their country from accessing particular sites. However, it is feasible to use a VPN connection to a foreign nation with less repressive regulations and access to websites otherwise restricted.

When you activate a Virtual private network, it establishes an encrypted link between your device and a server managed by a VPN provider. Because all of your internet activity is channeled through this route, your data is kept safe from public view along the path. In addition, your actual Internet address is masked because your information is leaving the VPN network, disguising your identity.

One such VPN for phone is VeePN. It is a multipurpose privacy program designed to keep the Windows device safe from internet threats. With over 2500 servers globally, Kill Switch function, DNS leak detection, military-grade encryption, limitless connectivity, and various VPN protocols. 


We attempted to shortlist movie streaming applications for Android and iOS which are safe to utilize and provide quality stuff. We have also stated one of the best VPN services, i.e., VeePN, to remove any obstacles in your enjoyment. You can download VPN for mac through apple store VPN and for other devices as well. However, it is advisable to thoroughly research the movie app ratings and reviews before using it. As a result, if you notice any changes in the behavior of your phone, you should remove it promptly and do a safety check on it.