DVD Release DateThe Marvels Openly Admit Post-credit Mistake in Iron Man

The Marvels Openly Admit Post-credit Mistake in Iron Man

  • The Marvels offers a playful critique and enlightening perspective on Iron Man’s post-credits scene, shedding light on the MCU’s narrative development.
  • The film humorously highlights the differences between Nick Fury’s and Kamala Khan’s recruitment strategies, suggesting a shift in the universe’s storytelling approach.
  • The Marvels teases the formation of the Young Avengers, showcasing the MCU’s dedication to evolving and bringing in fresh narratives and characters.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for The Marvels.

In The Marvels, a clever reference is made to the MCU’s first post-credits scene from 2008’s Iron Man, revealing an interesting detail about the formation of the Avengers. In this iconic scene, Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Nick Fury, introduces Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark to the Avengers Initiative, which later became the core foundation of the MCU. This post-credits scene started a trend eagerly awaited by fans in future Marvel films.

It turns out that Fury’s proposition wasn’t as solid as it appeared in the original scene, and The Marvels brings attention to this significant detail. While the Avengers Initiative seemed like an already established endeavor in Iron Man, subsequent films clarified that Stark was among the first approached by Fury, and the initiative was more of an idea than a fully realized project. This perspective adds a new layer of understanding to the key scene.

Moreover, The Marvels presents a parallel situation with Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel, played by Iman Vellani, attempting to recruit a new team of heroes, possibly the Young Avengers. In contrast to Fury’s covert tactics, Kamala openly discusses her plans to form a new team. Her approach is more transparent and honest than Fury’s, indicating a shift in the dynamics of the cinematic universe.

The film provides a meta-commentary on the MCU’s growth and evolution, using the parallel between the recruitment strategies to show a narrative progression from secretive meetings to open communication. The changes reflect the MCU’s willingness to adapt and develop over time. In addition, The Marvels demonstrates Marvel Studios’ introspective nature by acknowledging some early narrative choices with a critical yet affectionate lens, engaging long-time fans in the process.

By teasing the formation of the Young Avengers, The Marvels exhibits the MCU’s dedication to introducing new characters and storylines. As more potential recruits are introduced in the ongoing Phase 5, the stage is set for a fresh era of heroes, signifying the continuous evolution of the franchise. The film contributes not only to entertainment but also to the critical assessment of the MCU’s narrative growth, simultaneously reflecting on its humble beginnings and its journey towards a more transparent storytelling approach. This self-examination is an essential aspect of the MCU’s enduring appeal, ensuring an exciting future for upcoming films.

The Marvels is out now in theaters.