DVD Release DateThomas Jane promotes petition for changing the ending of Deep Blue Sea

Thomas Jane promotes petition for changing the ending of Deep Blue Sea

  • A new petition seeks to change the ending of ‘Deep Blue Sea’.
  • Actor Thomas Jane, who starred in the original movie, is promoting the petition.
  • The petition aims for an alternative ending to the 1999 Renny Harlin directed film.

A recently launched petition calls for modifying the finale of the 1999 movie ‘Deep Blue Sea’, and it’s being endorsed by Thomas Jane, the film’s star. The movie, directed by Renny Harlin, is well-liked by fans, but now there’s a growing movement asking for an alternate ending.

Thomas Jane, who played the character Carter Blake in the movie, has been promoting the petition on his social media accounts, bringing more attention to the cause. The change in the original conclusion of the film would undoubtedly make a significant impact on its overall reception, and having the support of one of its main actors behind the initiative further validates the request.

The petition is hosted on Change.org, and it continues to gather signatures in hopes of achieving its goal. Fans of ‘Deep Blue Sea’ and avid supporters of Thomas Jane’s work in the thriller may want to consider signing the petition if they’re interested in seeing a different outcome for the film.