DVD Release DateTimothée Chalamet encounters Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp's Willy Wonkas in a...

Timothée Chalamet encounters Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonkas in a Milk Chocolate Multiverse adventure.

  • Three versions of Willy Wonka seen together in a fan-made video.
  • Gene Wilder, Johnny Depp, and Timothée Chalamet portrayed in a milk chocolate multiverse.
  • Delighted fans share their reactions to the charming and wholesome video.

Willy Wonkas from different times come together in a milk chocolate multiverse in a new video posted on YouTube by FreeBoredom. The fan-made video brings together Gene Wilder, Johnny Depp, and Timothée Chalamet’s portrayals of Roald Dahl’s iconic character in a charming, wholesome meeting.

In the video, Wilder and Depp’s incarnations of the character wait as Chalamet’s Willy Wonka approaches and introduces himself to his elder statesmen. Fans are delighted to see the trio of chocolate makers crossing paths, with one YouTube commenter, @Leatherhead1225 writing:

“If this actually happened in a movie, then I’d be like, ‘Ok, this is a solid 15/10. I don’t care what reviewers say, they can go f—k themselves because this is THE ultimate Willy Wonka crossover story.’ And coming from a crossover writer myself, that’s saying a lot.”

Another YouTube user, @icefarrow7959, noted:

No matter the universe, Depp’s Wonka is still the most awkward person in the room.

As the video closes, the three candymakers with wildly varied personalities prepare to board a vessel and embark toward the secret lairs within the factory where all of Willy Wonka’s most delicious sweets are perfected. @egb50000 commented on the different personalities of the trio:

Gene = the charmer

Johnny = the eccentric

Timothee = the optimist

With the popularity of this fan video, it has led many to imagine how a crossover film featuring all three Willy Wonkas might take place. One suggestion from a YouTube commenter, @captainmobius5823, was the use of Wonka’s Glass Elevator to travel to parallel universes, based on a quote from Gene Wilder’s character saying, “The Wonkavator can go sideways and slantways and long ways and back ways and square ways and front ways and any other ways that you can think of.” No matter the method, fans are enjoying this creative merging of the beloved Willy Wonka characters.

Wonka is currently playing exclusively in theaters.