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Top 7 Best Android Unfollow app on Instagram For Free

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Today I am going to share with you the top 5 unfollow apps on Instagram for android. Before getting started; let’s have a look at why having followers is crucial over Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. It has more than 500M daily active users and over 1 billion monthly active users. Like no other social media networks,

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Instagram is known as a youngster network. It has nearly 64% users of the age between 18 to 29 years. It is also having the best demographics of gender i.e, 53:47 of male and female users on Instagram.

Almost above 80% of users follow the brand account over instagram it is more than any other social media network. The best part of Instagram is; it is a worldwide social media network. That’s why more than 80% of Instagram users are outside the US. Instagram is the best social media network to get popular. The more you are creative, the more chances you have to get popular over social media. Followers play a crucial role in the success of yourself on Instagram. But sometimes you get thousands of followers with one stunning post, but suddenly you lose 100s of followers in quick time.  The worst part of Instagram is, it doesn’t give you the notification when someone unfollows you. It also limits you to unfollow only 60 to 200 users within an hour. There is no official unfollow app on Instagram.

Do you know the fact that if your followers attract new users to follow you, then the opposite of this can also happen. When someone unfollows you, then it passes the message to the new users that your profile is not worthy of following. So what do we do if we are not getting notification from Instagram when someone unfollows us. Here is the best solution to this problem. Here are the top 5 best ever Instagram unfollow android apps.  These apps will notify you when someone unfollows us. Let’s dig in and find these awesome unfollow android apps for Instagram. Here we go

Best Android Apps to Unfollow on Instagram

1. Follow Cop

This app has a common interface. It is not as stunning as other Instagram unfollow apps. But this is one of the most powerful unfollow apps. You can easily manage your Instagram account without any hassle. When you sign in on this app, you will see a clean user interface where you can see the total numbers of followers, your total number of following and the total number of media. You can also change your desired language on this app.

But there are only seven languages available on this app i.e., English, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, Spanish, Espanol(Latin) and Envikka. You can also see a couple of ads just below your profile overview. After tapping on your profile overview, you will see some stunning features of this app. Here you will find the top three features at the first fold. These features are your non-followers, recent followers, and recent visitors(paid one).

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On scrolling down, you will see some popular instagram posts on this app. You can also add your post on this section by paying some charges. A global shoutout is the best feature of this app, and you will see this function in a few Instagram unfollow apps. With the help of this feature, you can Increase your profile visibility to other users. After that, you will see a section where this app mentions some engagement packs. This engagement pack includes Ghost followers, those users who engage with your post the least. Top likers indicate the users who liked your post the most. Top commenters are who comment on your post the most.

Speechless likers are those who like your post but never comment on it. Heartless commenters are those who only comment on your post but never like it. Next, you will see the “my booked slots” this is the paid feature for likes and profile visibility. After that, you will find a link to join the app community. After that, you will see a fan section where all your followers are listed whom you have not followed back. Whitelist section has the profile which you don’t want to follow. Recently followers indicate the users who follow you within 24 hours duration.

The filter is the mind-blowing feature of this app. Here you can see the profile of your followers and following who don’t have a profile picture, You can also see the profiles which follow you back. You can also see all your followers and following only. You can unfollow approx 20 users with just a single click for free. There is no hourly limit to unfollow users. It is also offering the features of instagram follow and unfollow apps. 

2. Unfollow for Instagram – Non-followers & Fans

When you first log in on this app, you will find this app the simplest unfollow app in the world. But with this awesome app, you can also follow the followers of your competitors at least 50 followers at a single time. Let’s talk about it’s unfollow features and what it offers us. The first section is of non-followers. These are the users who are not following you back. You can unfollow 50 users at a single time. The next section is for mutual followers. It is those users who followed you back. You can also unfollow them with 50 users at a single time. Fans section has the number of your followers who follow you. Whiltelist is those followers whom you do not want to follow. You can also copy the followers of your competitors with a single click.It is also considered the best follow and unfollow Instagram app. 

3. Followers Chief

This is the only Instagram unfollow app with no ads. It is offering ads free experience to you without charging a single penny. When you log in with this app, the very first thing you notice is the popularity index of your profile.If you have less than 10k followers, then it will show the status as Not popular. The very first section shows you the number of users who are not following you back. You can unfollow around 55 users at a single time. You can search the users and also change their order from new to old and old to new.

The next section will show you new followers. It is those users who follow us within the last 24 hours. The next section is of followers here you will see all your followers you can also order them from new to old and old to new. You can also search for the followers. This section also has a subsection where you find the friend list, it is those users who follow you back.The next section is the white list. it is those users whom you don’t like to follow. You can add multiple Instagram accounts on this app.

It also offers some paid features likewise like, comment, follow and unfollow. It also tells you about your activity of the last 1 hour to last the 3 days i.e., done by you, likes, comments, follow, unfollow, direct message, and timeline like. Besides, it also shows you your Instagram stats i.e., Average like per post, followers vs. followings, a post per month’s Average comment per post. It also shows you the top 3 most liked posts and most commented posts.

4. Unfollowers and Ghost Followers

Unfollowers and Ghost Followers is also known as followers insight. It is a completely free Instagram unfollow app. When you log into this app, then you will find a beautiful interface. At the top, there is a banner which is showing your profile dp along with your followers and following. After that there are a couple of tabs. First one is unfollowers, the users who are not following you back.After that, there is a tab of the top instagram post. You can like the top post directly from the app.

You can also add your own media, but it is a paid feature. Next one is global shoutout. Here you will find the most popular profiles on this app, and you can follow them easily. The remaining tabs are Ghost followers, mutual followers, recent followers, and whitelist. All these features I’ve already explained in the app, as mentioned above. You can also add multiple accounts within the single app. You can unfollow all your unfollowers with the help of a single click.

5. Android Only: Turbo Unfollow for Instagram

I am really impressed with this unfollow app for android. There is the most straightforward and clean interface of this app. This app divided the followers into four swipe left or right categories. These four categories include unfollowers, fans, mutual, and verified accounts. Like no other unfollow Instagram app for android, there is no unfollow limit with this app. You can select the number of accounts to unfollow or can unfollow the entire accounts at a single time. You can only run a single Instagram account at a time. Besides, you can also have a look at your username changes, recent unfollowers, recent followers along with a graph.

Following graphs, likes graphs, the total number of likes average per post, Comment average per post, and removed unfollowers. You can also have a look at a pie chart showing the percentage of unfollowers, fans, mutuals, and verified. At the bottom, you can see the followers with the percentage of growing followers and also the following with increasing following. You can also add some more widget with the paid subscriptions. The paid feature includes comparing followers, comparing the following, comparing likes, comparing posts, followers prediction, likes, and following predictions for the last 7 days. You can also see the hd pics of any account by tapping to the hd pic option in the menu bar. Then write the user name and search for the users. You can save the hd image of the account for free.


You have seen these top 7 unfollow apps on Instagram. all these apps are high quality apps and have some unique features as compared with each other.  100s of users daily and don’t unfollow them at the right time. Then these following will hurt your online reputation over Instagram. Remember that all these apps are proving some limitation to unfollow the users apart from the turbo unfollow app. But you need to make sure that you are unfollowing a specific number of accounts on an hourly basis.

So use these outstanding apps to grow your Instagram account like a pro. I would also like to suggest that you please try to curate high-quality, relevant content for your audience over Instagram. It will also help you to grow your Instagram account. There is a last but not the least tip: don’t follow the random accounts. Always follow those accounts who are having the interest in similar kinds of activity or services you offer. It increases the chances that the follower will follow you back instantly.