DVD Release DateTop Movie Collections from All-time Great Directors

Top Movie Collections from All-time Great Directors

Photo by Corina Rainer on Unsplash

While streaming movies or heading to the cinema are still ways many people like to catch cool films, DVDs are also enduringly popular. There is nothing like slipping a new DVD into your player after a busy day and escaping from daily life with it for a few hours. Of course, with so many DVD releases coming out each month to check out, choosing which to try is not always easy. 

One shortcut to always picking a DVD which will entertain and excite is diving into the back-catalog of iconic directors. But which directors have the best collections to check out? 

Martin Scorsese 

One of the all-time great directors is Martin Scorsese. The movie ‘Casino’ is a great example of his talent and a film which is full of great shots, intense action and sharp dialogue. It also has an air of glamour thanks to the casino setting. If you fancy recreating the thrills of casino games in your own home after watching this flick, live blackjack online real money games are a great idea. You can find these at a range of safe, fun online casinos now – along with some other top casino classics. 

When you look at his vast back-catalog, it is clear that he has many great movies to his name. Some other top Martin Scorsese films for example include the 1990’s gangster epic ‘Goodfellas’, the film which launched Robert De Niro’s career in ‘Taxi Driver’ and the 1980’s gritty boxing flick ‘Raging Bull’. All these demonstrate what a great director Scorsese is and what he brings to Hollywood. 

Stanley Kubrick 

Another iconic director who has etched his name in screen legend is Stanley Kubrick. His body of work stands up with the best and showcases his creativity, unflinching desire to shock and pure genius. But what are the best Kubrick films to watch

Released in 1968, 2001: A Space Odyssey really announced him to the world and is still as awe-inspiring today as it originally was. Even with the modern advances in CGI and camera tech, 2001 still looks and feels truly futuristic. 1971’s A Clockwork Orange may not be for the faint-hearted, but it is a visceral film which touches on the failure of government to effectively deal with problems in society. Add in 1987’s raw Full Metal Jacket, 1980’s The Shining and 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut for even more proof of Kubrick’s talent. 

Alfred Hitchcock 

If you are looking for the best upcoming DVD releases to try, diving into the collection of work left by Alfred Hitchcock is a great option. One of Hollywood’s most famous directors, Hitchcock was known for making movies which were full of suspense, intrigue and innovative shots. For many, ‘Psycho’ remains his most enduring legacy in film and has arguably one of the most famous scenes of all time – when Janet Leigh’s character is killed in the shower. 

Hitchcock also has a whole collection of other stunning movies to catch up on. 1963’s The Birds is a masterpiece of horror, while Rear Window from 1954 is another classic and features a great performance by James Stewart. When you also consider that Hitchcock has movies such as Notorious, Marnie and Spellbound to his name, you can see what a strong collection he boasts. 

Best collections from all-time great directors

If you like to escape into the world of film with the best DVDs, checking out films that the all-time great directors listed above have in their collection is wise. With movies to shock, scare and keep you glued to the screen, you will never be disappointed.