DVD Release DateTrick 'r Treat Director gives sequel update and teases impressive script

Trick ‘r Treat Director gives sequel update and teases impressive script

  • Trick ‘r Treat sequel is in active development with a “really, really great script.”
  • Michael Dougherty has partnered with his Krampus co-writers for the sequel project.
  • Discussions with Legendary, the production company, will involve budget and scheduling details.

Trick ‘r Treat writer and director Michael Dougherty is now finally providing fans with an exciting update on the sequel. He recently confirmed in an interview with Collider that the project is indeed in active development, and he is back working with Zach Shields and Todd Casey, the co-writers of Krampus. Together, they have developed a “really, really great script for a sequel.”

Dougherty mentioned the developments made in the project during the past year: “I will say this, because we said it last year at the Beyond Fest screening, the sequel is in active development with Legendary,” Dougherty confirmed. “I’ll go so far as to say that we have several drafts of a script. I brought back the same storyboard artist I mentioned before, Simeon Wilkins, so we have a stack of storyboards and a good fat stack of concept art done by Breehn Burns as well. So it’s inching along.”

Despite such progress, there is still work to be completed before the project can advance further. Dougherty hopes to discuss the logistics and financial aspects of the sequel, such as the budget and assigned timetable, with Legendary, the movie’s production company: “I’m hoping to talk to Legendary [the production company behind the sequel]. They’ve been wonderful, like great collaborators. But so much of it is timing, and as you know, we just got out of a strike, so the next step, fingers crossed, would be looking at budget, of course, schedule, and all the rest.”

In the meantime, Trick ‘r Treat has grown in popularity over the years, ultimately becoming a cult classic. The original movie starred Brian Cox as Mr. Kreeg, an antagonist who clashes with Sam, a Halloween demon dedicated to enforcing the holiday’s traditions. Although it is unclear whether Cox will return for the sequel, Dougherty teased a new enemy for Sam who could potentially rival Cox’s character. “The working title is Trick’ r Treat 2, and we came up with a proper nemesis for Sam that would give Brian Cox a run for his money,” Dougherty said.

Trick ‘r Treat is currently available to stream exclusively on Max, featuring a talented cast that includes Emmy Award winner Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, Leslie Bibb, and Rochelle Aytes.