DVD Release DateTron: Disney Animation Chief Discusses Potential Animated Film

Tron: Disney Animation Chief Discusses Potential Animated Film

  • Disney’s Animation Chief Andrew Millstein discusses the potential for a Tron animated film.
  • He emphasizes that the story and characters would need to be compelling and unique.
  • While expressing excitement for the idea, Millstein remains noncommittal about a definite animated Tron project.

In a recent interview, Andrew Millstein, the chief of Disney’s Animation Studio, addressed the possibility of an animated movie adaptation of the popular Tron franchise. Fans of the science-fiction film series have been eager to see the story continue in any form, and the prospect of an animated adaptation may be an intriguing possibility. However, Millstein remains cautious in expressing any concrete plans for such a project.

Millstein acknowledged the potential in an animated Tron adaptation, saying “the opportunity is there.” Yet, he also stressed the importance of creating a captivating story and developing unique characters for this potential venture. In his words, “it’s really about finding a filmmaker-driven concept or a story concept that gets us excited.”

While reiterating his excitement about the idea, Millstein maintained a noncommittal stance regarding an actual animated Tron film. He emphasized the value of evaluating each opportunity individually and waiting for the right elements to fall into place. Moreover, Millstein confirmed that as of now, there is no definite project in the works.

In sum, while there’s no certainty yet around a Tron animated movie, Disney’s Animation Chief acknowledges the potential of such a concept and fans can hold on to the hope they might see their favorite characters in a new animated adaptation.