DVD Release DateTwilight Star Shares Robert Pattinson's True Feelings on Sparkles

Twilight Star Shares Robert Pattinson’s True Feelings on Sparkles

Robert Pattinson’s true feelings about his character’s sparkly skin in Twilight have finally been revealed.

The actor, who played Edward Cullen, wasn’t a fan of the glittery vampire look. He thought it was a bit silly and didn’t really like it. Pattinson has often joked about how strange it was to play a sparkling vampire. “It’s like, you’re trying to be serious, but then you look like you’ve been dipped in diamonds,” he once said.

Kristen Stewart, who starred alongside him as Bella Swan, also found the sparkles amusing. She mentioned that it was hard to keep a straight face during some scenes because of how shiny he looked. The whole cast had their own opinions on the glitter effect, but Pattinson’s dislike was the most vocal.

I think it’s funny how actors sometimes have to deal with such weird things.

Interestingly, fans had mixed reactions too. Some loved the unique take on vampires, while others found it odd. But no matter what people thought, Twilight became a huge hit and made both Pattinson and Stewart household names.