DVD Release DateVFX Artist Thinks AI Will Be a Permanent Component in Hollywood Films

VFX Artist Thinks AI Will Be a Permanent Component in Hollywood Films

  • AI will be a constant presence in Hollywood movies
  • VFX artist Gary Platt believes AI can enhance the creativity in films
  • Platt asserts that artists remain critical for refining AI-generated elements

Gary Platt, a creator VFX artist, is confident that artificial intelligence (AI) will persistently be integrated into Hollywood movies. With AI on the rise in nearly every industry, it is no surprise that it has started to make its mark in the world of film production and visual effects.

According to Platt, AI can augment creativity when it comes to producing imaginative visuals and immersive world-building in movies. He says, “It’s all about good ideas and throwing in some random elements and happy accidents. AI can definitely come up with random elements and throw those things in, which in turn throws the artist a curveball, and it might take him in a different direction he may not have initially thought of.”

However, Platt also acknowledges that artists still play an indispensable role in refining AI-generated elements in films. AI technologies have their limitations, making them incapable of creating the final product without human input.

Though AI has not yet matched the creative capabilities of filmmakers, visually, it has shown promising results in analyzing data and improving render speeds. Combining the power of AI with the boundless creativity of artists has the potential to elevate the quality of Hollywood films and create an even more memorable cinematic experience.