DVD Release DateWerewolf By Night enthusiasts support the timeless appeal of Original Marvel Cinematic...

Werewolf By Night enthusiasts support the timeless appeal of Original Marvel Cinematic Universe release

  • Fans of the original Werewolf by Night are disappointed by Marvel’s decision to release a colored version.
  • The black and white version captures the spirit of the Universal Monster films and holds a significant charm for fans.
  • Many believe there’s no convincing reason to watch the colored version as it lacks the depth and emotional significance of the original.

Marvel Studios tried to bring a fresh perspective to last year’s Halloween surprise by releasing a colored version of Werewolf by Night this year. However, the new rendition failed to impress the staunchest fans of the original black and white presentation from 2022.

The decision to initially have the film in black and white was significant, only transitioning to color at a pivotal point in the story. Director Michael Giacchino explained in an interview with Marvel.com that this transformation held great symbolic meaning in the narrative. Fans have expressed concerns that the colored version lacks this depth and symbolism, but Giacchino argues that the essence of the story remains the same.

Fans took to social media to voice their preference for the original monochromatic version, with many claiming that it captures the spirit of the Universal Monster films. Others criticized Marvel’s usual color grading and questioned the reasoning behind the change to color, like @CreepyCatalog who asked if there was any compelling reason to watch the colored version.

For fans like @JasonAponte2103, the black and white Werewolf by Night has a unique charm that the colored version lacks. However, not all viewers were disappointed with the change, as @SteevenOrrElse’s initial excitement only waned when they realized the “new” version was merely a recoloring of last year’s edition.

It seems fans have a deep respect for originality and the emotional connection they have with the black and white version of Werewolf by Night. Both renditions are currently available on Disney+, and viewers are encouraged to experience them and form their own opinions, but it’s clear that many prefer the original artist’s vision.