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Who Was The Best Bruce Wayne of All Time? …Here’s What We Think!

Batman standing under steel roof
Photo by Serge Kutuzov

While Robert Pattinson may have been the latest actor to bring Gotham’s guardian to the big screen in Matt Reeves’s ‘The Batman’, there have been several renditions of the character over the years. From George Clooney’s infamous portrayal in the 1997’s Batman and Robbin to Will Arnett’s incredible voice acting in ‘The Lego Batman’, this anti-hero remains one of the biggest box office draws and holds the record for the most comic book appearances of any superhero to date. 

Are you Team Adam West or do you veer towards the more predictable Christian Bale? Actually, it really doesn’t matter whose supporter you are, because the most important thing is, we all appreciate the DC comic superhero in all his glory. In fact, this character has been of inspiration to many online casino slot game developers, there are quite a number of good titles based on the Dark Knight.

Batman’s impact on popular culture is undeniable earning legions of fans through every new iteration. This could be down to the fact that, unlike all the other major superheroes, he does not have any actual superpowers making him more relatable and able to establish a deeper connection with audiences. When you think about it there is little to no difference between Batman and Bruce Wayne besides the bat suit. 

Among the many portrayals of everyone’s favorite caped crusader, there have been a few standout performances that truly embodied the superhero’s tortured spirit. Keep reading to discover our top picks. 

1. Adam West

Starting off our list is Adam West’s camp portrayal in the tv series ‘Batman’. Although it only ran for 3 seasons from 1966-1968, the show’s onomatopoeic fight scenes and West’s often over-the-top embodiment of everyone’s favorite superhero, truly showcase the era in which it the series aired. While it might appear a little outdated to today’s viewers, it’s still nostalgic for many, especially the show’s iconic bat dance making Adam West one of the best Batman actors of all time. 

2. Ben Affleck

It was no easy feat taking over from, you guessed it, our number one pick Christian Bale but Affleck stepped up to the plate and brought something different to the table. While he may not have gotten a standalone film, Affleck’s broody and warn-down take on the character won over the hearts of many despite being met with initial skepticism from the fanbase. Undoubtedly, Affleck’s Batman is one of the most violent versions we have seen to appear on the screen making it arguably the most accurate as audiences question whether the dark knight can be considered a hero. 

3. Robert Pattinson

Sure, he may have just taken on the role but Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of the world’s greatest detective deserves recognition. Playing a brooding sophomore version of the dark knight, Pattinson’s take on the character brought Batman back to his noir-detective origins. Still young and figuring out his role in Gotham, Pattinson’s rendition leans into the quirkier side of the Dark Knight giving audiences a version of the character that prefers to hide behind his masked persona rather than relish in his billionaire playboy reality. 

4. Michael Keaton

Just like with Affleck, Michael Keaton was no one’s first choice when it came to donning the dark knight’s cape and mask however director Tim Burton saw his potential after working alongside him in Beetlejuice. Known for his comedy turns, Keaton truly broke the mold starring in two gothic film noirs paying homages to the beloved character’s origins. As the original big-screen Batman Keaton’s air of understated mystery remains unmatched fully embodying the silent warrior.

5. Christian Bale

Unsurprisingly, Oscar-winning actor Christian Bale remains the best Batman actor managing to successfully nail Bruce Wayne and Batman. In all three of his starring roles, Bale goes the extra mile to depict the character’s conflicting emotions, bringing about a never before seen intensity to the character. While his low and sometimes unintelligible voice may have not been everyone’s favorite his powerful portrayal of the bruised crusader helped to create the best Batman trilogy.