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Willem Dafoe Attended Mortician School for ‘Poor Things’ Role: ‘It’s Not a Normal Film’

  • Willem Dafoe attended mortician school in preparation for his role in ‘Poor Things.’
  • Dafoe describes the movie as “not a normal film.”
  • Director Yorgos Lanthimos and actress Emma Stone are also involved in the project.

Academy Award-nominated actor Willem Dafoe is known for his dedication when it comes to preparing for his roles. In his latest film, ‘Poor Things,’ Dafoe took this commitment to a whole new level by going to mortician school. In an interview, the actor explained that the film, which is far from being a conventional one, warranted such an immersive approach.

‘Poor Things,’ directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and starring Dafoe along with Emma Stone, stands out as an unusual project. When asked about his preparations for his character, Dafoe stated, “It’s not a normal film, as you can imagine. I’m playing a surgeon, so I went to mortician school to prepare – just for a second – it was very interesting.”

The film’s unique premise and creative team have generated curiosity and anticipation among film enthusiasts. With an actor as dedicated as Dafoe, it comes as no surprise that he put in the extra effort to give a realistic portrayal of his character. The extent of his commitment to embracing his role is a testament to his years of experience in the industry.

Dafoe’s willingness to immerse himself in such a different environment not only highlights his dedication to his craft but also reflects on the unique nature of ‘Poor Things’ as a movie. While specific details about the film remain under wraps, it is clear that the combination of Dafoe’s hard work, Lanthimos’ offbeat storytelling style, and a talented cast will make it an interesting cinematic experience.