DVD Release DateZachary Levi proposes playing Flynn Rider opposite Florence Pugh's Rapunzel in Tangled...

Zachary Levi proposes playing Flynn Rider opposite Florence Pugh’s Rapunzel in Tangled live action remake

  • Zachary Levi interested in reprising Flynn Rider role in live-action Tangled
  • Florence Pugh suggested for Rapunzel’s role
  • Levi previously voiced Flynn in the animated classic

In a recent interview, actor Zachary Levi expressed his desire to play the role of Flynn Rider once again, this time alongside Florence Pugh, who he envisions portraying Rapunzel in a potential live-action remake of Tangled. Levi had previously lent his voice to the beloved character in the animated film.

During a conversation with the actor, the topic of a live-action Tangled movie came up and Levi made it clear that he would love to step into Flynn Rider’s shoes again. He named Florence Pugh as his choice for Rapunzel, stating that he has been “blown away by her talent” and feels that she would be perfect for the role.

Levi’s enthusiasm for the project and his chemistry with Pugh could make this potential Tangled remake a hit with fans. As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding the project, but with Levi’s endorsement and the growing trend of live-action remakes, the possibility of seeing these two on-screen together as Flynn and Rapunzel remains an exciting prospect.