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Zack Snyder Acknowledges James Gunn’s Contribution to Most Insane Scene in His First Film

  • During Dawn of the Dead, Zack Snyder and James Gunn worked together to create memorable scenes, including a zombie baby idea that came from Gunn.
  • Both Snyder and Gunn have made significant impacts on the DC Comics world on screen, beginning their careers together with Dawn of the Dead.
  • It is unlikely that Snyder and Gunn’s paths will cross again within the DC Comics world, as Snyder appears uninterested in returning to the superhero genre.

As Zack Snyder discusses the release of Rebel Moon, he reflects on the start of his career and his first movie, Dawn of the Dead. Interestingly, this movie was written by James Gunn, who is now the CEO of DC Studios. The two influential figures in the on-screen DC Comics world started out working together on this project, which is still remembered as one of Snyder’s best works.

While working on Dawn of the Dead, Snyder and Gunn created numerous memorable scenes, including one which featured a zombie baby. In a recent interview with Letterbox, Snyder revealed that this idea was entirely thanks to Gunn. He stated, “That was a James Gunn idea a hundred percent, and I give him full credit for it. I loved it, by the way, so I thank him for it.”

The concept of zombie babies has appeared in Snyder’s other works, such as Army of the Dead. Dawn of the Dead portrays a world where most of humanity has turned into zombies who prey on survivors. The film centers around a group of people who take refuge in a mall and stars a talented ensemble cast.

Despite now being more than a decade into Warner Bros. Discovery’s attempts to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems unlikely that Snyder and Gunn’s paths will cross again within DC Comics. While the two still maintain a friendly relationship and have both significantly influenced DC’s on-screen presence, Snyder has expressed disinterest in returning to the superhero genre. For now, Snyder is busy with his Rebel Moon franchise on Netflix, leaving the future of DC’s shared universe in James Gunn’s hands.